Welcome to SAR-Chandra Environ solutions Pvt Ltd

SAR-Chandra Environ solutions Pvt Ltd (SAR Chandra) is a joint venture company with SAR, As, Norway specialized in waste chain management for the Oil & gas industry in the north-sea region of Europe.

SAR-Chandra has established facilities / operating in Kakinada for Handling Processing-Treatment & Enviro-legally acceptable disposal of wastes / drilling wastes. SOBM / drill Cuttings / Mud Cuttings / SOBM residual wastes / tank bottoms Tank cleaning (OSV Vessel tanks / Shore tanks) & Slop processing. Vacuum system, high pressure washing equipment, Slop & SOBM Storage & treatment facilities, waste / mud skips etc. built per international standards, based on the years of experience of SAR Chandra’s joint venture partner, SAR, As, Norway, are the various equipments /services that can be rendered by SAR Chandra at East Coast at present.